Mind Over Metal

It’ll be out on XBLA if we find a publisher, otherwise XBLIG. There MAY be a PC port too. No planned release date.

Media: Playthrough of DBP 2010 demo.

Mind Over Metal is a retro 2D platformer/shooter inspired by the metal slug and mega man games of old. But Mind Over Metal takes it to the next level with all kinds of modernness and the ability to become a ghost and ‘control’ any enemy in the game, including bosses! (Although they aren’t so easy). And with 4 player multiplayer, taking over a seagull so you can crap on your friend has never been so much fun!

It was a Top 20 finalist in the DreamBuildPlay 2010 competition.

The game is a collaboration between me (programming), poxpower (graphics) and Rig (audio).

7 Responses to Mind Over Metal

  1. fairfort says:

    how can i play this so awesome game :O

  2. Gado says:

    guys! please port this awesome game to PC, PEEEAASE!!!!!

  3. Ercan Kazaz says:

    Yes, I hope we will see this game on PC too. It would be really cool.

  4. Colin Day says:

    Pure awesomeness!!!

  5. mind over metal... says:

    this kind of game already exists,(avenging spirit) but anyway, you know how to make games, i really want to test this game when lauch the demo to xbox!

    • Jay Watts says:

      Interesting, I’ve never heard of that game before, but yeah, it certainly looks like the same concept.

      Mind Over Metal will really take it to the next level though, with far more variety and action and platforming, although that won’t stop some people telling me that I’m a talentless hack who just cloned/stole that game and didn’t do any of my own work :D

  6. Meow says:

    PC version plx