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Play as a plug in a sink as you fight to stop food and things clogging your drain! Introduces some crazy swirling water mechanics, as it changes your bullet trajectories and spins you and your enemies around. Lots of crazy bosses, a short and sweet 4 player dual-stick Xbox experience.


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A quick satirical game I whipped up in just 3 days in response to the WikiLeaks releasing US diplomatic cables on November 2010. Play as Uncle Sam as you fight to destroy the WikiLeaks servers and stop the secrets getting out!


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Make words from letter tiles you slide across the board in this scrabble-like word game! Be careful though, once you make a word it is locked into place and you can’t move pieces past it, so plan your moves carefully.



11 Responses to Other Games

  1. TB says:

    I have really enjoyed your solar 2 game. Very nicely done. Great concept. I would encourage you to continue to develop it, add content, expand the game. If you can do that you will gather a following that will continue to play the game and it could really blow up into a minecraft or terraria kind of overnight hit.

    Thanks for your hard work and imagination.

  2. mitchb6 says:

    i wanna see solar 3 where you can interact with other universes and make alliances, solar two is one of my favorite games.

  3. swganle says:

    Solar 2 is awesome, simply one of the best games I have played in years. Very interested in a Solar 3, with alliances, different planet paths, such as rocky for life, or gaseous to go straight to stars with no life, but takes longer and more open to attacks and mass loss. I think it would be just awesome! Keep up the great work!

  4. Sean says:

    Solar 2 was a lot of fun, although it seemed a bit short. I was kinda hoping that after becoming a black hole, I could work my way up to being a super-massive black hole and then build a galaxy.

    Were I developing this game, I would find a way to implement every current astronomical event. Gamma Ray bursts, supernovas, quasars, magnetars, white dwarves, brown dwarves, red giants, nebulas…

    Really, a fantastic game even as is. I’ve recommended this game to a lot of people.

  5. yui says:


  6. ATLKraziboi says:

    I know im late. but this game is AWESOME! I downloaded the trial last night and instantly downloaded the full game once my trial was up. I was hooked, i stayed up till 2am knowing i had to get up at 5am for work. now im sitting here waiting to get home and play it some more. awesome game. cant wait for the next one.

  7. Napakeun says:

    Solar 2 is one of the coolest games I have ever played. I love sandbox games – control the world and stuff like that :D Please continue to develop and expand this game. It could become something really awesome :D!!

  8. Kelvin says:

    Very cool game. Simplicity & complexity together. Perfect… but why Solar 2? Is there a 1? I would buy it to see the advancement. I would definitely be on board for buying #3. Keep on truckin’

  9. Cinderfall says:

    I love this game.
    I’ve had it for about two years and theres hardly a day now when I don’t try to do crazy things, like spawning black holes and making a huge one! xD I think you should develop a new game maybe…… Solar 3?! you could put in a story with other characters and stuff!
    Good work on this game!

    Thanks, Cinderfall

  10. Ryymua says:

    I will really enjoy it you a very good developer. ;)

  11. Ryymua says:

    Oh yea i need to say something for solar 2
    it would be good to make the cration of the entytyes more realistic like after the planet you could choose to be a red hypergiant or a medium/small/large star
    the hypergiant would become a neutron star after an explosion or a black hole
    the others would becom white dwarfs
    and also an repel tool (more called dark energy and the attractor dark matter)
    but even withou this the game is fun and the creator’s lines are kinda funny