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Solar 2 Announce

Solar 2 will be coming to Steam and various other PC distributors (I’ll announce those when they are sorted) approximately in June (could be a little later if I am caught up with problems). The game is also coming to … Continue reading

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But you just copied Orbient and Osmos!

Osmos and Orbient are both puzzle games with levels. Solar is an open-world sandbox game with the one giant universe, no levels. For the rest of the differences, get out and play all 3 games. You’ll find they are all … Continue reading

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Uncle Sam vs WikiLeaks

No doubt you’ve heard about all that WikiLeaks business lately. Well I thought it was hilarious how the US and other governments reacted to it, so I whipped up a quick Flash game in 3 days to satirize the situation. … Continue reading

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Solar 2 Progress #1

This has been long overdue, my old website was horribly outdated and looked terrible. But here we go, brand new website has been made and it’s now a blog, so I have somewhere to update my progress! So if you’re … Continue reading

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Under Construction

Stay tuned, if you’re seeing this message I’m still working on this website. Here, have a trailer for Solar 2:

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