Murudai is the online alias of Jay Watts, an Australian based independent game developer. Or rather, just some random dude who sits at his computer and yells at code all day.

The goal of Murudai is to make all the random crazy ideas I have. Some will be very silly, others will be immensely complicated and deep. It’s whatever games I want to make.

I’ve never been educated in programming, nor have I ever worked in the games industry at all. Instead I have a University degree in Biotechnology (think genetic engineering). I’m completely self-taught and just teaching myself game development as I go along.


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  1. Dean Smith says:

    Hey dude, I assume your going for the role of games designer. How are you finding the competition. I ain’t that advanced yet so I wouldn’t know. I left a comment on your Solar 2 feedback forum by the way with a couple of ideas but I assume you already got it down. One point I would mention though is during the game (which is awesome :D) I found myself constantly tapping the absorb control when advancing planets. Thats the only concern I found. But yeah anyway the point of this comment wasn’t to go back into Solar but hopefully to get your take on the industry. New myself, I hoped you wouldn’t mind me asking :)

    • Jay Watts says:

      Hi. I currently have no plans to take a mainstream job in the game industry, but if I did I’d probably go for a programmer. I have HEAPS of original ideas, but actually doing design work I find quite boring. I can’t really comment on the games industry at all because I’ve never worked in it before or received any education in game development before, I’m a complete outsider. As for that absorb button, I plan to allow you to hold it down to absorb everything faster.

    • Jacki says:

      I really apaercipte free, succinct, reliable data like this.

      • Gerry says:

        Redd. A complaint is not a motion. Perhaps you need to acquaint yourself with civil procedure before you post erroneous s*** that demtsnorates you have no clue about law and the Federal Rules.

  2. Mortlock says:

    Hope it works out for you! I just purchased Solar 2. Hopefully this allows you to upgrade your diet to ramen for a week.

    Tasty times ahead!

  3. Mortlock says:

    BTW, I found out about your game on Reddit (http://www.reddit.com/r/australia/comments/i2kcg/solar_2_a_newly_released_indie_game_made_by_a/). They love it there when developers say hi; it could mean some more sales!

  4. Epsilon says:

    Great consept. A cheap original game made an independent guy. You’re right, I am that handsome… I bought it:) Keep it up.

  5. solar 3 fan! says:

    u cannot be poor , you make awesome “solar”s ! ( solar 3 , i will be the first to buy it (ok,ok, the second…))
    man , ure rich…

  6. mitchb6 says:

    when is solar three coming out

  7. Craig M says:

    Spotted your game on steam and lets say.. I’m addicted!

  8. Jer says:

    I like your games and also your mission. Cary on.

  9. Avi says:

    Your game was magical to play.
    it has the feel of an atari (probably the sound) and the aesthetic of modern games.
    buying this one right now. hope you get every penny off it.

  10. Aigor says:

    I’m 28. So you can guess that I’ve played lots of games. Believe me when I say that Solar 2 brought back to gaming all of the FUN that no mainstream game could give me since. . . Well I can’t remember, too long I guess.

    Simple, crystal clear gameplay with gorgeous visuals and an incredible soundtrack. The perfect recipe for an excellent game.

    All of the big names in the gaming industry should watch and learn from you. The game was magical indeed.

    • Melly says:

      Great inihgst! That’s the answer we’ve been looking for.

    • SEÑOR “chbc” Sus argumentos son tan sólidos como un vómito de Espuma, y supongo que su cerebro no debe diferenciarse a eso mismo.Exiliarme? No. Solo esperaremos que cuando las cosas se pongan feas, choquemos con tanta fuerza que nunca nos olvidemos de tanta mafia.

    • cover define says:

      Creo que "Enhanced Victim Recovery Dog" (EVRD) hace referencia a un perro cuya facultad es reconocer el olor a cadaver, (por lo menos en el informe de MG), el otro pero (Keela) es el que tiene la facultad exclusiva de detectar sangre, creo que MG hace referencia a el como perro CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)…pero puedo equivocarme…Con esto y aunque sea un placer, me marcho hasta mañana. Un saludo a todas y a todos.

    • 2 door civic says:

      48aVorrei chiedere agli indignados se hanno mai trovato divertente Crozza che imita Brunetta sul sediolone o, peggio, hanno fatto una battuta sull’aspetto fisico di Brunetta.

  11. Russell Watson says:


    I am a professional game designer and I just picked up your game on steam. I have to say it’s a breath of fresh air! It immediately stood out to me and after trying the demo I had to pick it up. I have just spent my lunch hour playing it.

    I wish you much success with Solar 2 and future games. I would say ‘going pro’ and entering the mainstream industry would only ruin you (and it would probably suck the fun out of making games for you). If you can take your ideas and run with them, then go for it!

  12. Malachi says:

    Saw your game on offer on steam and picked up the demo and within 5 minutes I’m buying the full version :)

    Can’t wait to spend more time on this!

  13. Fliego says:

    Amazing work, friend.

  14. Hello,

    Hope you are doing good.

    I am Laxmikant Thipse, founder of GameCloud Technologies Pvt Ltd. We are a group of professional QA testers, having experience of over 1000 Games and Apps on all major platforms. With your permission, I would like to share our portfolio with Murudai team.

    We are happy to provide you bug reports based on a quick quality audit for your Game/App at no cost. If you find value in our submission, you can try our most competitively priced premium services in the future :)

    Feel free to reply if you are interested.

    Best Wishes,
    Laxmikant Thipse.

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