Going to PAX + Challenges Update!

I think I forgot to mention here in a news post but Solar 2 was selected as part of this years PAX10! PAX select 10 Indie Games they want to show off, and and I’m thrilled to have the chance to show off Solar 2 among them! I’ll be at PAX Dev too.

Here’s the full list of games in the PAX1o this year: http://prime.paxsite.com/pax10.php I personally recommend Jamestown. I don’t play much bullet-hell shooters but I loved this one so much I put 12 hours of playtime into it and got some of the really hard achievements!

In addition Solar 2 was also selected as a semi-finalist in the DreamBuildPlay 2011 XNA competition. All the semi-finalists will be playable at PAX… so… Solar 2 will be there twice! Also, Solar 2 has been selected as a finalist in several categories at the awards at Freeplay, which is an Indie Game Festival in Australia.

In other news I’m still chugging away at Solar 2 development. There’s a lot of distractions though, being a one-man team means I’ve got to handle everything so it’s easy to get bogged down. But I’m half way through an update to add some challenge missions, some of the missions will be playable on my PAX build. I’m away for nearly a month in the US/Canada so that’ll certainly delay this.

These challenge missions are there to add some more content and replayability to the game. They’re also there for those that didn’t really like the story missions and so didn’t work through to the good ones, so these challenge missions are a collection of some of the cooler missions that can be done. It will be a free update.

So how about more depth into the sandbox? Trust me, I’ve been thinking about that for a while and the only way to add more stuff is to drastically change all the gameplay mechanics and controls, which would require redoing a whole ton of stuff and balancing from scratch. That’s a bit too much from an already released game, especially since some people might prefer how it is now instead of any changes I might make.

If I make a Solar 3 (which I probably will eventually) I’ll be able to implement all the suggestions people have made about Solar 2 and build the game from the ground up. It’ll have the same core sandbox gameplay, but will be more focused on being a simulation/RPG type game instead of a simple action game. I’ll have some open Betas for it too and get much more feedback.

Don’t hold your breath on that one though, I’m already planning my next major game for Steam ;)

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3 Responses to Going to PAX + Challenges Update!

  1. Skizomeuh says:

    So ? Any news about the challenges ?

    • Jay Watts says:

      I’ve JUST got back from my one month long trip/holiday just then. Such a massive back log of work to do, and then I’m going away again in October! Then I’m moving houses! It’s crazy right now, so the challenges are getting done, just really slowly.

  2. Skizomeuh says:

    Moving houses ?! Damn, you made a jackpot :)

    Any way, no problem, thanks for the info. And I think I’m more impatient about your next project than the update.