Solar 2 Released on Steam!


There is nothing more to say, go check it out! There is a free demo too if you want to try before you buy.

Xbox LIVE Indie Games version will be out within a week, and a GamersGate version with no 3rd party stuff or DRM will be available 1st July.


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12 Responses to Solar 2 Released on Steam!

  1. Christian Walde says:

    Not 2 minutes in and already the first snag:

    I play on a german OS. My \ key is “AltGr + ß” (next to 0 in the number row), which the game doesn’t recognize. On an english keyboard \ is -, next to shift, but that key is also not recognized. In order to be able to use that key i have to change my OS language. That’s annoying to say the least.

    • Jay Watts says:

      Yeah, I didn’t even realise that would be an issue. I even had a german Beta tester, surprised he didn’t find something odd. I’m planning to provide alternate configuration to the number keys in the next patch, which work on all keyboards.

      • Christian Walde says:

        That’s great to hear, but i doubt i’ll be seeing it in action. After playing a bit more with it i couldn’t shake a feeling of awkwardness and i just realized what the problem is:

        The keyboard control are at best a luke-warm replacement for an analog controller. Mouse control would be an adequate replacement, but it just ain’t there, so the game’s not really fun to play.

        It feels like those old racing games where to curve gently you had to go tap tap tap tap tap with the digital joystick, since you couldn’t just lean it to the side a little bit.

        • Jay Watts says:

          Yeah, you’re absolutely right. Analogue control with a joystick is much better for this kind of game, rather than just tapping buttons. Although mind you, I happily play with keyboard most of the time (despite piles of Xbox 360 controllers on my desk) and it’s a shame that you find it so bad that it ruins the entire rest of the game for you. You’re the first person to really complain about that.

          Mouse control was something I thought about, but in the end it didn’t really work, you bounce around too much and move too much. It just doesn’t create the feel that I wanted, and I much preferred the keyboard.

          • Christian Walde says:

            Well, i wanted to play this because it seemed relaxing. But when i need to do 3 or 5 timed button presses to get moving into a certain direction instead of just flicking my mouse a bit in that direction, it just requires too much fighting with the controls to be relaxing. And well, i’ve got a massive laundry list of other games to poke at, so it’s not a big loss for me, and you got my cash already. :)

            As for the bouncing and moving: Have you considered doing it such that the mouse acts as an auto-centering analogue stick? While it is moved it could generate an impulse corresponding to the direction and movement speed and when it’s held still no further impulse is imparted. I can’t imagine how that could be worse than the keyboard.

  2. Jay Watts says:

    Well, for example, you can let go of keys and analogue sticks and you’ll just drift with no input. With mouse control you can’t do that, you’ll always pull towards where you’re pointing and it’s trickier to just drift about. I found that really annoying. There’s also nowhere to ‘center’ the mouse-analogue stick, should it be the center of the screen or the star/planet? If it’s the center of the screen, it could be confusing as the player goes off-center, if it’s the player than the camera moving about could make you move in all kinds of different directions without moving the mouse differently.

    Another alternative is to make it so you have to hold a mouse button to pull towards something, but again I just found that annoying, especially since there aren’t enough free mouse buttons anymore to have all controls on the mouse, so I have to have some keys.

    A lot of thought has gone into mouse controls I can assure you, but everything I came up with just wasn’t anywhere near as good as keyboard, which personally I find fine and I haven’t had anyone complaining about it (except for here).

    • Christian Walde says:

      That’s actually rather simple: Auto-center it wherever you like; as soon as the mouse movement drops below a certain threshold; but: Do not show the mouse cursor at all.

      There’s no need for the player to see it when it’s only meant to impart impulses of movement, similar to how the player does not have to see the analogue stick to control. You could maybe add a button press to lock the impulse continuously to make long range travel easier.

  3. Sergio says:

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for this game for along time! I was a fan ever since Solar came out on xbox live

  4. Junior says:

    Saw your game in the special offers, figured it was worth a shot after watching the video.

    Only played for a couple of hours, but I’m really enjoying it so far, the mechanics are simple and enjoyable and give the game one of those nice organic learning curves.

    The ability to remap keys would be nice though, I’m quite comfortable with the WASD, but then I have to press enter to close messages, which is a little annoying.

    Are you planning any updates or the like? Will there be mods?

  5. Sebbie10 says:

    Ah yes, soon the positive Metacritic reviews will be flowing in…

  6. Junior says:

    I’m not sure if it’s your end, but you’ve got no news information on steam.

  7. Ricki Philip says:

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