Solar 2 Now on Xbox LIVE Indie Games!

Now Available on Xbox Indie Games for 400 ms points!

That’s about $5. Why is it half the price of the PC versions?

  • 400 ms points is the max price you can set games on Xbox LIVE Indie Games
  • Less ships and other performance cuts, due to slow Xbox CPU
  • Minor graphical cuts, due to slow Xbox GPU
  • Saves less frequently, due to slow Xbox HDD
  • No keyboard cheats and less God Options
  • Slower updates, I have to pass updates through a review system which is slow
  • Lower quality audio (which is why the file size is about 15mb less)
  • Won’t support non-English languages, the PC version can have fan translations
  • Time limited demo

So, if these things don’t bother you, then sure, go for the Xbox 360 version! But I do consider the PC version to be superior.

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14 Responses to Solar 2 Now on Xbox LIVE Indie Games!

  1. Jeansy says:

    wait a sec i was just reading a post about the development and it seemed like when you were done the xbox version of it would be better what happend i was really looking forward to somthing awsome it still is just not as awsome…….it must be pretty good if its worth 400 ms points :( sigh ima have to go to the store today…

  2. Sebbie10 says:

    Ironically i think the controls on the Xbox version are alot more fluent and natural. Dodging Objects at high speed is alot easier ect.

    • Jay Watts says:

      Not ironic at all. With a keyboard you only have 4 “on/off” buttons for direction, but with an Xbox 360 controller you have complete analogue movement, making it much easier to play. I recommend the PC version with an Xbox 360 controller attached :D

  3. AbsoluteZero says:

    Thanks for being honest about the differences between the versions! I playing the PC version right now and I’m loving it! Seems like it was just yesterday when I was playing the original version on Newgrounds…

    BTW, do you have any idea about when and where the OST will be available? I’d recommend Bandcamp as one place.

  4. greg says:

    talking about God options in the XBL version, where are they ? I didn’t find anything like in Solar 1 where you could alter some of the physics…

    • Jay Watts says:

      You have to beat the game first ie; beat all the missions and the final boss (similar to how Solar 1 got you to 100% the game first).

      It’s very hard to get, but very rewarding to finally get it :)

      • greg says:

        you didn’t have to go 100% in Solar 1 to unlock God-options, but you could unlock different options throughout the game at different percentages of game completion, and some God-options were even absolutely necessary to accomplish some missions. it was a very good reward system, and to be honest having to go through ALL the missions in Solar 2 to unlock God-options seems little tedious.

        • Jay Watts says:

          Maybe. It’s like that in Solar 2 so you can’t just cheat on the missions. In hindsight, due to the missions being so hard, maybe it would of been best to do the Solar 1 system in Solar 2 as well.

          What I MAY do is have the God Options unlocked right away. If you do a mission with God Options it still counts, but it comes up differently under Missions Progress. You can still complete the game and everything with God Options on, but some of the content will be locked away until you really beat it.

          I do think that really cheapens it (like turning on cheats, it’s fun for a bit but ultimately not as satisfying) but getting more people in with the God Options may be ultimately beneficial.

          • greg says:

            it’s true Solar 2 is a lot harder than the first one, maybe that’s the reason behind my comment…but I keep playing, so that seems to be goal achieved, after all. ultimately the awards seem even harder.
            the overall game content seem on par with other indie games at the same price, but the mechanisms, the realisation is far better than most of all…do you plan to upgrade Solar 3 to arcade games ?

  5. Congrats!!
    Great game, I love this one a lot more than the original.

    Wait… did you say slow Xbox GPU? That thing is absolutely kick ass. I had to upgrade my PC’s GPU just so I could get Duality ZF running on it without severe slowdown, and that cost me $130 at the time, about 2/3rds the price of an Xbox at the time. (Unless you already have a kick ass PC gaming system, the Xenon in the 360 is likely better, and I’m wondering if you can assume all PC people, even gaming machines, have such cards.) I’ve never yet had the GPU be the limiting factor on the Xbox, and I would be surprised if Solar 2 had it as the bottleneck.

    As for the slow CPU, it’s actually not bad, but the lack of optimized compilation using XNA is the real issue, making it look slow. And you have to be aware of different hardware limitations than regular PCs, and code for that. It takes a lot more precision and awareness, I know that much.

    For your music, make sure you’re using wXMA compression to get the best compression. The default compression method on XACT only compresses to about 50% — unreal. Further be warned that wXMA sometimes doesn’t compress at all when used on the PC, but there are tricks to get around that.

    Congrats on the launch, I hope it does amazing! :)

  6. Andrew says:

    I just got this game on XBL and I love it but whenever I try to open the saved systems, I get an error (says it is code 4). I have not been able to find anymore information on the web. Even Redownloading and turning off the Xbox does not work. Any help please?

    • Andrew says:

      Nevermind, I just found out there was an update on the way from another forum on this same site.

  7. Wolf says:

    I’m confuzzled. The Xbox 360 is not lacking in the technological department.. not as badly as you make it sound. Sounds like you just want people buying the PC version instead. >.>

    • Jay Watts says:

      Well it’s not obvious until you start pushing the game to the limits. Like say, building a massive amount of ships. There are much tougher limits on max ships on the Xbox than the PC. That’s also why only PC has the “Spawn more Ships/Turrets” Physics Options. Also if you try spawning things too much on Xbox you may hit performance issues well before the PC has any trouble (even on a weaker PC).