Solar 2 Free Soundtrack and Wallpapers!

I know I talked about charging for the OST but Solar 2 has done so well that I’m perfectly happy to release it for free! Although if you really enjoy the music please support the composer (JP Neufeld) with a PayPal donation, that way he can spend more time making even more awesome music!

Donate to JP Neufeld

Solar 2 OST Free Download Locations: IndieDBMediaFire
The soundtrack is free to download but like any soundtrack it’s protected under copyright and you can’t use it for commercial purposes without talking to me first.

In addition here are some awesome Solar 2 wallpapers. The artwork was done by Kamikaye.


Solar 2 is currently available on Steam and XBLIG


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17 Responses to Solar 2 Free Soundtrack and Wallpapers!

  1. Disocverer says:

    just epic game^^ and the soundtrack is awsome too.
    I hope there will come some more awsome thinks :D

  2. Colin Day says:

    Loved the first game … love the second one. The music is also phenomenal!!! Keep it up!!!!

  3. Chris says:

    Cool that you are giving away the OS now its great . I was hoping it would realy be the full OS but there is at least one missing :(
    PS. the game is super awesome too ;)

  4. love says:

    simply wonderful. keep up the good work!

  5. Max says:

    I hesitated before buying it. Read a blog post about your piracy decisions and how the game was made. Then the free soundtrack, have some of my money good sir.

    I was supposed to go to bed at 10pm last night. When I dropped the game it was 1am. Awesome game!

  6. Nicholas Yong says:

    Thank you for the OST! Appreciate it! :)

  7. James says:

    Hey, is the disco/party song on this?

  8. Humble Epidemic says:

    The soundtrack (as well as the artwork) were what attracted me to Solar. Therefore all i have to say to this release is, ‘LOVE IT!’

    Thanks a ton! :P

  9. LRed says:

    Hey just saying thank you for the OST love the game and adore it’s music just btw I was wondering if you plan to eventually release that song of the concert mission if not if there was any way to buy it(maybe on iTunes?) cause I fell in love with that mission after playing through it the first time^^.

  10. pragmortal says:

    cool! maybe should put up on bandcamp too? can always put the free links up to avoid paying for download credits or whatever.

  11. Capncrackpipe says:

    Oh no! It’s missing the menu music! That’s my favorite tune from the whole game. :(

    Otherwise phenomenal soundtrack.

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  13. Guray Cakmak says:

    Game is brilliantly calming, so are soundtracks. Great combination.
    Thanks a lot.

  14. John Flush says:

    Unfortunately I have to repeat what James said, you don’t have the Concert song on here :(

  15. Guilherme says:

    Thank you for this! I love the game and the soundtrack!

  16. troll says:

    pici jak to stahnout

  17. spammenon says:

    To anyone downloading the OST, get it from the indieDB link cause it has an extra track (Zombies in Space)

    Thanks Murudai for releasing it for free!