Solar 2 On Track!

I said June in my trailer and that still looks about right. Solar 2 should be hitting Steam in late-June, with other retailers (including a DRM-free GamersGate version) in the following weeks. Xbox LIVE Indie Games might take a bit longer as I haven’t really put much thought into Xbox yet, but shouldn’t be more than a few weeks after the Steam release.

The game is pretty much complete at this point, I’m just polishing it and testing it. Man it’s come together well. I’m very, very pleased with this game. It’s got a decent amount of content too, took me over 2 hours to beat the game rushing through as fast as I possibly could (and I’m a Solar 2 expert!) and it would be another hour of rushing for all the achievements and rest of the content. Speaking of the achievements, here’s all 18 of them (found in all versions, but they are “official” achievements on Steam).

Why yes, that is a sad kitty. And yes, that is a planet holding a guitar, a star wielding a knife and a star with a beard.

I found during testing that the gameplay was as fun and “Solarish” as ever, but the commentary and mission instructions were a bit dry. So taking a page out of the book of “Portal” I’ve spruced it up and made it as ridiculous and absurd as I could get. Sometimes it’s even funny. There are some crazy motivations behind these otherwise simple missions. Psychological experiments? Robberies? Religious cults? Boxing matches? Hitmen? Love? Friendship? Extinctions? Concerts?

A concert and laser light show on a planet. Why? IT’S MY GAME, AND IF I WANT A LASER LIGHT SHOW ON A PLANET I’LL DAMN WELL DO IT.

Also, the Solar 2 Soundtrack should be released very soon after the Steam release, and will also include all the music of Solar 1. It’ll be something like $4-$5.

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3 Responses to Solar 2 On Track!

  1. fiutare says:

    Yes, you’re damn right. Lasershow in space. Why not? Cool man.

  2. Kyle says:

    After I complete all the missions, I think the concert will be the first one I replay :)
    It was pretty awesome, and I found it to be quite a challenge.

  3. Was the laser light show removed from the game?