Solar 2 Announce

Solar 2 will be coming to Steam and various other PC distributors (I’ll announce those when they are sorted) approximately in June (could be a little later if I am caught up with problems). The game is also coming to Xbox Indie Games probably a little later.

The price will be US $10 for all PC versions and 400ms points for the Xbox 360 version.

Solar 2 is an open-world, sandbox game where you play as asteroids, planets and stars in an infinite universe. The game will feature many missions all activated and played during the extensive sandbox mode. I guess you could say the game is structured a bit like GTA, non-linear missions punctuated by a vast sandbox world. You can grow your system, destroy other systems, gather objects to become more powerful, grow and nuture the life growing in your system or just use the planets as wrecking balls. There are many ways to tackle the missions, if something isn’t working take a step back and think again. Other features include hidden missions, game modifying physics options, secrets to discover and more.

The Solar 2 soundtrack is by JP Neufeld, who also did the Solar 1 track. Solar 2 will feature over 30-40 minutes of original music. A Solar 2 Soundtrack will be released sometime after release for a small fee which will go towards the career of this aspiring composer!

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4 Responses to Solar 2 Announce

  1. Sebbie10 says:

    Great to know that Neufeld is returning, his music made the first game extra Kick-ass. Also good job on getting a deal with Valve ! :D

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  3. Greg Wild says:

    Sounds fuggin awesome.

  4. 4Runner says:

    It is a fun game for sure. Spent most of the day playing it. I have to work on my strategy a little more. I only have 2 acheivements so far.

    Thank you for the fun so far!!!