Solar 2 Progress #1

This has been long overdue, my old website was horribly outdated and looked terrible. But here we go, brand new website has been made and it’s now a blog, so I have somewhere to update my progress! So if you’re waiting for Solar 2, which I know some of you are, this is where you need to be ;)

So if you’re keen on Solar 2, that means you played Solar 1, so you want to know what the changes are. Well, probably not as much as you’d hope, as Solar 1 was always a ‘prototype’ of the full game, and Solar 2 is now the full version. Besides, why fix what isn’t broke?

So beyond all new graphics, audio and what not, what are the gameplay changes? Here is a list:

  • You can now play as asteroids and planets, and black holes have a more important role.
  • The AI life is richer, with planetary turrets, capital ships and (maybe) more!
  • Instead of flow breaking ‘challenges’ like in Solar 1, these are split into ‘Missions’ and ‘Objectives’.
  • ‘Objectives’ are passive ‘achievement’ like things that just run in the background (for example, blow up 40 planets).
  • ‘Missions’ are activated, but you keep playing with the same system you’ve been building up. There will be some pretty crazy missions, ranging from obstacle courses to boss fights ;) I’ll put in as many as I possibly can.

So what’s staying essentially the same?

  • The core physics including collisions and orbits
  • The ability to unlock cheats (although with different cheats)
  • And all the rest of that ‘Solar’ charm from the original that I see no reason to change for the sake of changing something :)

The game will be ready for release early 2011. I’m still looking for a distributor for the PC version, but even if I don’t find one I’ll still sell it here on my site, so don’t worry if you don’t have an Xbox!

The Xbox version will come out around the same time as the PC version, and will be either 240 MS points, or maybe even 400 if I feel that that cost is justified with all the new content. That’s of course if it doesn’t get on XBLA, which you never know, I’ve sent the emails… although I’m not holding my breath over that one!

So there you go, you are now up to date with Solar 2. I’ll be posting on this blog updates relating to how the game will be distributed + released. I’ll show off some of the cooler new features too!

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8 Responses to Solar 2 Progress #1

  1. Slug says:

    I’d buy it definatly if it where on ps3 :P, ill try to convince my dad to get it on the pc though i doubt ill be sucessful XD, but you never know.

  2. Slug says:

    i did however manage to get one of my friends who owns an xbox to buy it and i completed it for him lol. i really liked the first game and would like to see it on the ps3. But i am glad that your bringing it to pc.

  3. Foehammer says:

    Love how it looks! will probably love the game, (like turrets! :p )

    You should implement wormholes, neutron stars, Deathstars (lol), and so on ^^

    Will buy it for PC. But would want it for iPhone to.

    so.. any news? when will it be out?

  4. solarist says:

    any ideas on implementing some nice pixel shaders and particle systems like in Auralax and radiangames * ? playtesting solar2 the game on cc over the weekend and it does look a little flat with just the lighting and background imo

    • Jay Watts says:

      Not quite that simple I’m afraid. Xbox 360 is a closed system that has the same hardware for all consoles, meaning it’s nice and easy to push it to the absolute limits and make use of it’s powerful GPU and still run great for everyone. Solar 2 on the other hand will be PC as well and as such I want it to run on as many systems as I can, meaning I can’t do as much GPU abuse. Currently the game runs fine on netbooks, which is awesome :)

      That said, I agree that the game could do with a bit of graphical polish. I’m thinking about dynamic lighting and procedurally generated background nebulae. The particles could do with some tweaking to be a bit ‘finer’ and less of a smudgy effect.

      My focus currently is on missions content and features, but before release I will certainly give the graphics a work over and get it looking awesome. Keep in mind that I’m less than half-way through the development cycle of Solar 2, there is a lot of work to go yet!

  5. RG Riot says:

    I love the idea of solar and I think Solar 2 will be an amazing game, but I found a problem with the ‘prototype’ with the challenge of becoming a black hole I did it in 2mins while 3mins is the mastering time but the mission didn’t end. Can you try to fix it if not I would be upset because I wont get 100%, but I could live.

    • Jay Watts says:

      Hi, uh, due to changes on the Indie Game marketplace I’d need to update all the code in Solar 1 in order to release update it. That’s a lot of work, and the Solar 2 deadline is looming, and I don’t want to take time away from it! I haven’t had any reports about such an issue, I guess maybe reload the game and try again.

  6. InfamousG says:

    I’m currently working on two Solar System type games myself although I really enjoyed solar it was a great purchase. I’m glad the development of games is going in this direction, maybe we’ll collaborate one day and make the ultimate solar system game! Your game is such a nice concept that I’ll have to go back and redife my game and separate the two concepts so our games stand on there own. Can’t wait to play solar 2. Happy Dev!